Club Rules


The Rules are for the safe and efficient operation of the Arun Youth Aqua Centre. By virtue of paying a Membership Subscription, whether annual or for any other period e.g.: daily, the Member agrees to abide by the Rules of the Centre.

General Centre Rules

  1. All persons under 18 years of age must have the written approval of a parent or guardian before they will be allowed to take part in any water borne activity.
  2. Membership Subscriptions shall be due on or before March 31st each year and will not be refundable.
  3. Any person who applies to join the Centre after September 1st will be eligible for a reduction of 50% on the Membership Fee payable.
  4. For your own safety, the Centre must be informed of any new medical conditions before any water borne activity is undertaken.
  5. Approved buoyancy aids of a minimum standard of 50KN carrying a CE mark will the always worn when on the water.
  6. Third Party Liability Insurance must be held by Members for their own equipment that is stored and/or used at the Centre.
  7. Keys provided for access to the Centre’s facilities remain the property of the Centre and must be returned when no longer required and on cessation of Membership. Replacements for lost or mislaid keys will be charged for at cost. 
  8. Members may be liable to pay a proportion of the costs involved in replacing or repairing equipment damaged or lost through their carelessness or negligence.
  9. Any Members using the Centre’s facilities, other than at a Centre run activity, will be responsible for any injury/damage arising from their activities.
  10. Hire of the Centre’s equipment is subject to a scale of charges and conditions, as laid down by the Management Committee and available from the Secretary.