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May 2021 Notices

New routine

which was agreed at the end of the 2019 Season, pre Covid. No Tuck Shop & Members may not change and leave until all the equipment has been put away unless, they have a valid reason which must be agreed with the SI in charge of the Session, there is a column on the register for an Instructor to initial to confirm this.
The reason for this is to save the Instructors, & some parents, from having to finish stowing the dinghies and all their gear, picking up sails & sail bags, buoyancy aids, windproofs and many other pieces of gear as well as personal clothing/shoes etc.
There have been times when it’s taken a good hour after the last Members have left before the Compound looks like a boat Compound rather than a bomb site. 

When can you start to sail?

Single Hander Sailing, as last Season, has started although hit by bad weather.

Double Hander Sailing, that means all previous Members will be welcomed along, from Sunday June 6th and the Centre will welcome New Members from Sunday 20th June.


WSS&YSA Regatta

WSS&YSA are calling out for a “guesstimates “ of entries, names & class of dinghy, for the Regatta to be held on September 11th/12th at the Cobnor Activities Centre – please give this some thought as “somebody” will be asking for this info. By 7th June – Maximum age has been raised to those under the age of 20 years on the 31 August 2021.