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Conditions of Membership

Water Activities will be supervised in accordance with the guidance of the appropriate National governing body of the activity, and staffed by appropriately qualified and experienced instructors.


1. Arun Youth Aqua Centre reserves the right, at all times, to cancel sessions at its discretion.

2. All participants MUST be between the ages 8 and 18, wear the buoyancy aid provided and be confident in the water.

3.  Parents/guardians or nominated accessible representative must also be contactable (for example by mobile phone) for the duration of the session.

4. Neither Arun Youth Aqua Centre nor any of its volunteers or agents shall be liable in any way whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to property.

5. Arun Youth Aqua Centre must be informed, at the time of application and during the Membership period if conditions change, of any medical condition affecting the member, or of any medication taken by the member that could affect their taking part in water activities, e.g. asthma, epilepsy, heart conditions.  Arun Youth Aqua Centre reserves the right to refuse any membership on medical grounds.

6. All Memberships are accepted on the understanding that any instructions or directions given by any member of the centre’s staff are to be observed.  Participants are asked to respect the equipment provided; compensation will be sought from anyone deliberately causing damage to or loss of equipment.

7. Arun Youth Aqua Centre reserves the right at all times to refuse or restrict the use of facilities.  The right is also reserved to evict anyone who refuses to comply with the conditions as stipulated, or who behaves inappropriately or, in any way, causes damage or annoyance to any other persons.

8. Members are to wear suitable clothing and footwear when participating in Water Activities.  Suitable footwear means flat soft soled shoes or trainers.  Please bring a change of clothing.

9. If any injuries are sustained or damage to valuables occurs, participants are to notify the centre’s staff immediately.

10. Arun Youth Aqua Centre is an entirely voluntarily run body. It is a condition of Membership that the parent/s of members assist with the beach rota and in whatever other way they can contribute to the safe and effective working of the Centre


Use of photography or video

In accordance with our child protection policy Arun Youth Aqua Centre will not arrange for photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken or published without the consent of the parents/guardians and children.  We will abide by the Conditions of Use below.  If you have any concerns about the way images are being used, you should inform a Member of the Management Committee immediately.

1. We will normally only identify a child by reference to the child’s first name.

2. We will not use personal details or full names (ie. first name and surname) of any child to accompany a photographic image on video, on our website, in our organisation brochure or any other electronic or printed publications without good reason.  ‘Good reason’ includes using the full name of a child in a newsletter to organisation members if the child has won a trophy or award.

3. We will not include personal email or postal addresses, telephone or mobile numbers on video, on our website, in our organisation brochure or in other electronic or printed publications.

4. We may use group photographs or video with very general labels, such as "Family Days".

5. We will only use images of children who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately.

6. Photographs or video may be used for coaching purposes or by officials during competition to illustrate incidents on the water.

7. Commercial sale of any form of media will be limited to the organisers or their official photographers.