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So ask all Mums and Dads to help out with the shore based tasks (and perhaps acquire the skills to help out on the water!). These include taking a turn on the Beach Duty Rota (to help with launching & recovery of craft & looking after any youngsters who need to come ashore) as well as helping at the keeping the Centre operating - cutting grass, painting or many of the other little and big jobs that need doing. Mums and Dads are encouraged to participate as much as possible and we organise Family days for all to join us on the water and look to you to assist with vital fund raising. We encourage you to learn the skills to help on the water by running “Volunteer” Sailing sessions on some Friday evenings and Power Boat and 1st Aid Courses at a much reduced rate.

Volunteering at AYAC

The Centre is wholly dependant on its volunteers whether it be a fully accredited Senior Instructor or a parent, we simply couldn’t survive without you.

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